Unibet 1. Liga

Unibet 1. Liga

Unibet Group plc., one of the largest online gambling companies in Europe, became a titular sponsor of 1. Liga (second division of polish football leagues) in September 2009. As a result of a two-year contract the league changed its name to Unibet 1. Liga, sponsor’s branding appeared on football kits and stadiums of 18 clubs. After signing a contract with TVP all 68 matches of 2009/2010 Unibet 1. Liga season were broadcasted on TVP Sport and TVP Info channels. Additionally, TVP hosted a programme showing highlights of the weeks’ matches and new website for the league was created.

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  • extensive promotion and advertising of the Unibet brand in the media, creating a positive image of the company
  • gaining competitive edge over competitors
  • increasing Unibet’s popularity in target groups
  • creating a professional football league as a direct back-up to Ekstraklasa (first division)
  • developing the league in terms of organization and marketing


  • comprehensive management of the project: media cooperation, promotion and organization
  • creating a promotional strategy for Unibet 1. Liga
  • developing and implementing a marketing strategy
  • Public and Media Relations activities
  • creating and administering the dedicated website
  • creating TV content
  • rebranding football kits and stadiums, adjusting to new Unibet 1. Liga visualization
  • permanent cooperation with clubs
  • attracting additional sponsors


  • dynamic growth of Unibet brand awareness after two months of titular sponsorship
  • excellent sponsorship effectiveness rates in the media
  • exquisitely positive perception of Unibet brand among football fans
  • increased value and media attractiveness of Unibet 1. Liga (as an effect of doubled number of match broadcasts and a TV programme)
  • more professional league, faster development of clubs (larger budgets)

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