Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0

In 2009 the agency became one of the agencies who won a tender for a full service of Microsoft. Our cooperation included primarily organizing and managing events, training courses and promotional activities, e.g. launching of the latest Windows Internet Explorer 8 web browser.


  • organizing a promotional event of Windows Internet Explorer 8 web browser
  • promoting the browser among Internet users
  • introducing new, unique and most important enterprise features of the browser


  • preparing and organizing a promotional event in „The Eve” club in Warsaw
  • preparing the event scenario, employment of artists and speakers, comprehensive management
  • introducing new technology and enterprise features in Windows Internet Explorer 8 using newest models of Hewlett Packard touch screen computers
  • Public and Media Relations activities, e.g. preparing advertising campaign in the media involving a trailer of an “Explorer” movie

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